Luka Bala Foundation


Luka Bala Foundation’s mission is to honor the memory of Luka Bala by providing scholarships to persons wanting to further their intellectual, emotional, spiritual, cultural and physical education by attending such institutions or camps.

To apply for a scholarship, write us about the program you would like to attend and what it means to you.

We invite everyone who knew Luka to share their experience as well as any photos or videos you might have.
We will post it in “Remembering Luka” section, if you’d like.
In his short life, he touched so many.
By sharing, we keep his memory alive.
May his memory be eternal.


Luka Bala was born on October 19, 2005 in New York to Marija Savic Bala and Branislav Bala, both from former Yugoslavia. Wanting to preserve their heritage, they enrolled Luka to St. Sava Academy in Chicago, the only school in the United States that offered a bilingual education in English and Serbian.

Luka attended Pre-School and Kindergarden there, winning the hearts of his classmates and teachers. He was able to read fluently in both languages and enjoyed reading and telling stories.

Luka also loved tennis, especially Novak Djokovic and Ana Ivanovic from Serbia. He knew everything about them, mostly by looking them up on the internet. Luka was already proficient in using the computer!

As he was getting ready for the 1st grade, Luka tragically lost his life alongside his mother in a car accident on August 18, 2012.

He will live in our hearts forever.


from Maja

5th grade student at St. Sava Academy

When Luka passed on, it was a terrible tragedy for all of us. Luka was kind and sweet to everyone and anyone he knew. Everyone loved Luka. He used to play tag with me. Last year his favorite subject was reading. I know this because he was my friend. I loved playing with him and I loved everything else about that little cute guy.

Luka was and always will be the heart of this school!

When virtue is present, people imitate it,
when it goes away, they long for it.

from Adrian

member of the chess club

I am so sorry for the loss of Luka. I am so proud f this great guy. I loved playing chess with him, he did great. I love my very great friend Luka.
May his memory be eternal.

from Andrea

student at St. Sava Academy

Luka was a good kid. I played with him and had fun.
I will miss him.

from Elena

student at St. Sava Academy

We all loved Luka. He was amazing. 

he rest in peace and his memory be eternal.


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